Azure Alphant

Azure Alphant

A Character Entity Reference Chart and Font Support Verification Tool

We've all been there - searching for that character that looked a certain way or meant a certain thing so we could use it in our latest project or in a forum post or wherever and because we weren't exactly sure of what the exact, official name of the character was and because we didn't happen to have all the Unicode Codepoints memorized, finding it online became a frustrating hassle. Why does the entire internet seem to expect you to know everything about a character in order to look it up and find out everything about that character? It's backwards, that's what it is.

Personally, I was so over hunting for the odd non-ASCII Unicode character, but life doesn't work like that. Whether we like it or not, we still need to find the proper encoding for the odd character now and then. So I did what I always do - I built a tool I could use to make finding every character ever added to Unicode simple and included all the information I might need about each character. I'm not greedy, though, so I'm sharing it with anyone who wishes to use it. It's free, then, now, and forever, with no sign-up and no ads. I named it Azure Alphant, like the animal and like the first letter of so many alphabets.

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Created with by Sheila Tanner